Alfie Est. 2011 Makes Rad Gear For Cool Kids

Alfie, established in 2011, stands out from the crowd by designing clothing apparel for children that embraces individuality. The brand's timeless designs feature custom prints and original patterns, and are created with an emphasis on quality and comfort. Instead of following trends in fast fashion, Alfie prioritizes creating enduring pieces that can be treasured for generations. The brand is based in Australia and designs for children aged 0-16.




Alfie has been committed to sustainability since the beginning. Our original vintage party shirts are made using high-quality, vintage fabrics and are hand-sewn locally.

We have also partnered with a Sedex Fair Trade manufacturer in India to create our unique designs. We operate on an on-demand basis and do not produce large quantities of any of our garments. We take pride in doing our part to protect the environment for future generations.



Team Alfie