About Us

Alfie, hatched back in 2011, burst onto the scene like a rainbow-poppin' party popper, set to give the world of kids' fashion a fair dinkum shake-up! We're not your run-of-the-mill label – we're a ripper, retro Aussie brand that is proud on our unique designs. Our game plan? To sprinkle around oodles of joy, bucketloads of coolness, and a truckload of fun into the lives of kids everywhere!

Always On Trend

Alfie designs stand the test of time, decked out with rad custom prints and bright patterns, all crafted with a huge focus on top-quality and comfy feels.

Retro Vibes

Rather than hopping on the bandwagon of speedy fashion trends, Alfie's all about crafting classics that'll be treasured for yonks to come. We're dinkum proud to call Australia home and whip up gear for little legends aged 0-16, plus our latest gig – matching adults!

Who Are We?

Hey there! We're Kate and Sarah, the proud Mamas steering the Alfie ship. We fell head over heels for this ripper brand and took the reins over in 2022. With a combined brood of seven ankle-biters between us (including our own little legend, Alfie), we've got the inside scoop on creating duds that kids go bonkers for.

When we're not knee-deep in snack duty or answering to the never-ending chorus of "Muuuuummmmm," we're flat out designing fresh Alfie threads inspired by our own ankle-biters. We get it – clothes need to not only look ace but also be a hoot and built for a the best of times. That's why every piece we whip up embodies the spirit of childhood, giving kids the green light to embrace their true-blue selves and have a blast on their adventures.

At Alfie, we're all about gear that kids are stoked to chuck on. No more dramas getting dressed or settling for daggy threads! We're dead set on making our gear not only easy on the eye but comfy as a kangaroo in a pouch. From eye-popping prints to cheeky patterns, each item's crafted with top-notch quality and a fair dinkum passion for self-expression.

Join us on this corker journey as we keep dishing up Alfie gear that sends kids' spirits sky-high and slap a grin on their dials. Welcome to the Alfie world, where fun, cheekiness, and fashionable adventures are the name of the game!"



Alfie has been committed to sustainability since the beginning. Our original vintage party shirts are made using high-quality, vintage fabrics and are hand-sewn locally. We have also partnered with a Sedex Fair Trade manufacturer in India to create our unique designs. We operate on an on-demand basis and do not produce large quantities of any of our garments. We take pride in doing our part to protect the environment for future generations.