Meet Coco - Team Alfie

Meet Coco - Team Alfie

We're super excited to welcome Coco to the Alfie Team. Coco has a been a long-time Alfie fan and we're super excited to welcome her to the Alfie fam as our first skater! You can follow Coco's skate adventures at @cocoskatergirl

Coco wear the purple long sleeve retro set by Alfie 

Coco wears the Purple Long Sleeve Retro Set

We chat to Coco's mama Molly about raising a little 4 year-old shredder!

What are you most proud of as Coco's mama?

I am most proud that she has found something she loves at such a young age! A sport that requires patience, resilience, encouragement, kindness and to see her work at it with such passion. 

Coco wears the Pink Flowerman Tee & Party Skirt

Coco wears the Pink Flowerman Tee and a Alfie Party Skirt

Girls aren't often encouraged to do risky sports. What made Coco want to take up skateboarding?

I just raised her to try everything, there was never any ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ stigma to any learning or skills I offered her. She watched me skate & seemed to be drawn to it so I let her lead the way & it pretty quickly became the thing that she loved!

I support whatever she does 100%, risky or not as we have always been able to control the safety aspects enough to be confident that she won’t get hurt.

Coco wears Alfie Est 2011

Coco wears the Alfie Harvi Block Tee

What is Coco's fave Alfie piece? 

She LOVES the skirt but loves it all! The colours and prints are so her thing! She has a cousin called Alfie too so she walks around so proudly in the Alfie threads 😆

Party Skirt by Alfie Est 2011

Coco wears the Pink Flowerman Tee and a Alfie Party Skirt

What do you and Coco most love to do together on the weekends (when you're not at the skatepark)?

Just play! Whether it be inside, on a hike, at a playground or the snow in winter & the beach in summer. Playing together in nature is what bonds us.

Images by @mollyheath_photography

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