Alfie's Diner Part I

Welcome to our new and improved online store! We are excited to finally be able to showcase Part I of our super cute Diner range that we have been working on since the beginning of 2015. Due to a few changes in the businesses production it has taken us a little longer than we wish to have this line released but it's absolutely worth the wait! Rather than producing fast fashion our priority has always been to design clothing that is timeless and trans-seasonal and with quality that stands the test of time.
We have collaborated with some incredible talent (Ellie Whittaker) to create these custom Diner prints and we think she nailed the brief perfectly! Alfie is all about colour, clean lines, individuality and originality and with our delicious assortment of prints we really think there is something for everyone in this latest range.
Over the next few months we will introduce new injections of the Diner range so be sure to stay tuned! Rad tees, overalls, jackets and more caps are only weeks away!
A big thankyou to Abi Varney for snapping some cute pics in our recent campaign shoot, along with Kitiya Palaskas the crafty talent behind our epic Diner booth. Special thanks to Ellie Whittaker who has been one of the most talented and patient people I've been lucky enough to work with. And of course thankyou to my beautiful supportive family and friends. 
Thank YOU for visiting our online store, we hope you leave feeling satisfied from all the donuts, hotdogs and milkshakes our Diner has to offer. If you have any feedback or tasty pie recipes please email me at
Xx Alfie
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