The Potteroos Do Uluru

The Potteroos Do Uluru

We chat to Alfie co-owner Kate about her must-do's in Ulura plus her travelling hacks as a mama of four that has travelled the world with her tribe in tow.

Kate and Freddie at Uluru

Kate wears the Alfie Beanie in Blue

Highlight of your Uluru trip?

Sunrise Uluṟu tour! The colours of the sky were breathtaking & it was a huge bucketlist tick for me so you just can’t beat that combo!

Family in Alfie at Uluru

Lei wears the Alfie Beanie in Black and Dusty wears the Alfie Beanie in Blue.

Must-see with kids?

The Camel ride! Although under 5’s can’t do it my older 3 loved it! Amazing scenery & the guides were really chatty and full of information about the area. 

Must-take Alfie piece?

We absolutely lived in our Alfie hats in the day then swapped them for our beanies for the early morning & late nights!

Family in Alfie Beanies for kids

Fam wearing Alfie Beanies

As a mama of four and organisition guru- what's your #1 travel hack when travelling with kids?

Snacks, snacks and more snacks! We took a whole suitcase of our own food so no one got Hangry and we weren’t limited to what they sold there!

Sticking to our routine as much as we can with regards to food & sleep. Although it’s not always possible, we try hard to stick to it in the situations that allow us too!

Having a visual itinerary of what we are doing when so everyone can see it & we are all on the same page! Plus no searching for emails with times, places, booking numbers etc!

Lastly, allow for some down time. A few hours in between activities, try not to do a late night followed by an early morning if you can avoid it & having everything laid out the night before is a must too! Sorry not really one tip but all as equally important! 

Leila in the Pink Flowerman Tee

Lei wears the Alfie Pink Flowerman Tee.

Leila in the Alfie 80s Tee and Black Beanie

Lei wears the Alfie 80s Tee and Alfie Beanie in Black.

Alfie wears the Alfie Checkerboard Cap and vintage Alfie singlet.

Uluru is a sacred place to the local Aboriginal people, and it's important to show respect, particularly when you're there.

The best way to do this is by staying on the trails and not climbing Uluru (or other sacred sites). If you have any questions about what's okay and what's not okay, ask at your hotel or tour guide for advice.

Sunrise at Uluru

Uluru is known for its stunning sunrises, so make sure you get up early to catch them! We recommend going up at 5:30am so that you can watch the sunrise from the top of Uluru. This will give you plenty of time to get down before 7:00am when it opens to the public.

Camel rides

If you have time, consider doing a camel ride around sunset or sunrise at Uluru. The tour guides are great at giving information about how they were trained in camel riding as well as showing off their skills as they take off into the desert sand dunes and spin around wildly!

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